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Brahmaa Infotek offers advanced SEO & Web promotion services. After developing a brand new website, the second step is to promote the site so that people can access all the services and products. Promotion will take a long time waiting several weeks and months to get listed in various directories and search engines. Search engines have crawlers or spiders which crawl the web and index the pages in their database. They calculate relevancy based on various algorithms. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc change their algorithms more often. So if you need to stay on top you should be completely devoted to SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is a powerful web marketing technique that helps search engines to find your website. It is a technique to optimize a website in order to gain rank in search engines. In response to a query, the particular website will rank topmost than millions of other sites. Users will check only the top listings and even if the least ranking websites are more relevant to the search item, people may miss it. SEO will help you to get traffic from search engines.

How can we help you?

There are people looking for exactly what you are dealing with. Even if you have a beautiful and a significant website if people can’t locate your site then there is no use of it. You will miss opportunities to link up with people who are eagerly searching for your services.

What we do is:-

  1. Keyword Search- In relevance to your website, we will identify appropriate keywords that best suits your site.
  2. Classification- We classifies keywords based on significance on each pages.
  3. Optimization- We will incorporate metatags and titles in all pages with keywords having high marketing potential.
  4. Content- We will reorganize your site’s content to make it more SEO friendly.
  5. Submission- We will submit your site to all major search engines and will make sure all optimized pages are crawled and indexed.
  6. Report- Systematic report on ranking position of your website in popular search engines.
  7. Monitoring-As the algorithms more often changes for search engines, periodic checking is required. We will monitor your site regularly and ensure top ranks.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is a form of internet marketing which uses all the technology of search engines like paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion for the goal of promoting a website. SEM comprises of keyword analysis and ad words and make sure SEO is done. We figure out the most viewed keywords and use it in the site. SEM is a constant process and it needs daily monitoring and evaluation which we can promise you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites extend an opportunity to get connected with people; to share ideas and thoughts. It’s a strong means to make people aware what you are doing. We can help with your site using social sites like Blog, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Blog- Posts on related matters and topics given by client on a biweekly basis.
  2. Twitter- Tweet about daily happenings and comment on related matters to stay active.
  3. Face book- We will create a page exclusively for the site and post regularly on wall, update photos and reply to fan requests.
  4. YouTube- Regularly uploads videos provided by the client.

Thus people can stay connected with your site in all means.

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