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In an era of clicks and connects, Search Engine Optimization has become a necessity rather than a requirement. Contrary to Darwin’s theory of human evolution, the evolution of technology guarantees the success of the most visited web application.

Why SEO?

With more than two billion seven hundred sixty-nine million internet users all over the world, the significance of having a live website has rocket fired over the years. Simply creating a website or portal for your needs would not suffice as relevant statistics indicate the presence of 2.01 billion numbers of indexed websites. This is where Brahmaa Infotek can help you with your growth.

Whether you deal with a business, a product or a service you need to publish yourself online to make use of a technology to bring you success. All these techniques incorporated in to a single entity is termed Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of all the websites present online, what does it take to make your website appear within the first few search results of the search engine? The answer is SEO. As several studies suggest, 60% of the click goes to the first search result retrieved. Only 40% goes to the remaining. This indicates the strengths of performing SEO to our websites and the potential it can be for the success of any firm.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

  1. Better search engine/keyword listing
  2. Increased number of hits
  3. Increased traffic flow
  4. Relevant content
  5. Link building
  6. Better publicity of business
  7. Free web promotion
  8. Easier brand recognition

SEO is not only a process that helps to create and maintain the website traffic flow and number of hits. Instead it is a technique of building or restructuring the website in such a way that would popularize the website with all major search engines. In doing so, the content, links, etc within the website gets better relevance to the keywords integrated within.

Search Engine Optimization at Brahmaa

At Brahmaa, SEO is not just a onetime procedure, but an intensive process that extends up to several months iterating over multiple rounds of link building, image processing and content modification. We have an experience of over a decade dealing with websites and its development. Ever since the potential of performing SEO to a website became popular, we have added the service of web promotion as well. This has eventually strengthened our foothold in the industry with experts in the field of website creation, content development and SEO analytics. We ensure that your website receives a key position in the world of web. This would popularize your business and promote your business growth. With Brahmaa, we make you popular, online!

Our web promotion activities

  1. Social media marketing: The number of social media members is escalating as days pass by. As this trend progresses the potential publicity that these online social groups offer is highly useful for web promotion techniques. As everyone is on Face book or twitter, a single post reaching out to their profiles would bring in the result of spending huge amounts on other methods of promotion. We update posts and images at regular intervals and also on special occasions in all social media sites.
  2. Newsletters to subscribed mailing lists: We design and create newsletters and e-journals on special occasions and requested schedules so as to maximize the publicity of promoted business products and events.
  3. Web content development: Appropriate and reliable content with right keywords is the major key to right website promotion. Search engines like google, bing, etc. have specialized algorithms that parse and index through the submitted sitemap and content of these websites. It is depending upon the relevance of the content, links and images to the keyword that the ranking of the website is decided. It can be further strengthened by increasing the flow of traffic to the site.
  4. Google Analytics & traffic analysis: The traffic of a website is the number of visitors to that website. As the number of hits to a webpage increases google keeps a track of all these hits and visits using its special service called google analytics. This is used as a benchmark tool to analyze and evaluate the results of web promotion techniques.
  5. Pay per click ad campaign

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