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The software development world has seen drastic changes in the last few decades with respect to the techniques and methodologies used. In 1993, the concept of delivering a web page to a user’s web browser was considered bleeding edge! That was the dawn of the World Wide Web as we know it. But now it is very common – every computer user knows how to use a web browser. Even the older generations do so!

Angular is one of the many JavaScript development frameworks available today. It is maintained by Google. It has gone through many versions with each version offering improvements over the previous one. But what is a software framework? It is a platform on which you can build your app with ease by using reusable code that is wrapped in a well-defined API. It is similar to library code that you can call in your application to do predefined functions. Basically, frameworks allow you to build your app easily using reusable code that performs standard functions.

Why choose Angular? JavaScript frameworks are now heavily used to build mobile HTML5 applications. Angular is also used to build web and desktop applications. Angular has many advantages over other JavaScript frameworks. Is uses the complete MVC design pattern. The model, view and controller are clearly defined, which greatly simplifies the development process. Developers can build apps that have a clear separation between their functional layers. One of the greatest advantages of AngularJS over other JavaScript client-side frameworks is the unique way in which it lets developers interact with RESTful web services. AngularJS’s resource object lets developers interact with REST services like standard objects.
Another big advantage of Angular is its concept of services. AngularJS services help to greatly simplify an application by compartmentalizing client-side logic into single units of code. Those single units, called services, can then be used repeatedly throughout an application. AngularJS 1.3 and greater combined with jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap give you everything you need to rapidly build HTML5 JavaScript application frontends that use REST web services for the backend processes.

JavaScript client-side apps shift the workload to the user’s PC and away from the server. This offers many advantages like simplicity, rapid development, speed of operation, easier QA testing and the ability to package the application and deploy it to the Web and all mobile platforms with ease.

Thus, Angular can help cut the cost and the time required for app development to days. Brahmaa Infotek in Kochi has experts in Angular. Our experts have experience in working with Angular technology and other latest technologies and deliver services and solutions that exceeds the client expectations.