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Are you seriously looking for a career in SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT?

Here at Brahmaa Infotek, we offer you a unique and exceptionally valuable opportunity through our training program. Unlike the traditional classroom trainings you are accustomed to; here you get the experience that will propel your career growth and help you attain the necessary skillset needed to thrive in today’s highly competitive and rewarding world of programming.

Highlights of training with us

  • Trainees at Brahmaa Infotek are treated the same as any full time employee. Which means they will have regular working hours and the same responsibilities as any other employee.
  • There will be no test projects to complete or classroom training sessions, rather we adopt a ‘learn as you go’ approach. Hence, from day one, you will be inducted into a team handling a live project and receive hands on experience.
  • The projects presented to you are unique opportunities in itself as we deal with prominent clients both nationally and internationally.
  • Each team will include professional experts with 10 or more years’ experience in various arenas who will guide and mentor you throughout your training program.
  • Training is offered on latest technologies like React Native, Angular, Android, iOS, CMS and Ecommerce development.
  • After the successful completion of your training period with us, either you will be absorbed by us or we provide you the added benefit of placement assistance.
  • Professional experience certificates will also be provided at the end of the stipulated training period.

What we are looking for

  • We require our candidates to have a commendable academic record.
  • We place great emphasis on having a positive outlook and visible commitment towards the work presented to you.
  • Candidates must have a passion for programming
  • Must possess good analytical and computing skills.

And most importantly they must be self-motivated, adaptive and willing to learn on the go.

We believe that the best candidates are not those who possess exceptional skillset, rather those who have the right attitude, are willing to work hard in building their skills and displaying constant improvement. We ensure through our training program, the value addition you are seeking, to build a brighter career.

For more details contact

Arun Suresh
+91 484 2973996, +91 9446355222