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React Native

The popularity of smart phones and smart TV’s provide a huge market to companies that develop Android and iOS apps. These apps can be developed in the traditional way using Android Studio or Xcode, but this approach requires a lot of time and effort. Code needs to be written for each and every part of the application. Frameworks make life easier for developers these days. They enable developers to write less code, with more efficiency, by reusing code that performs common functions. This code is already written by others and available in the framework as libraries. Thus, we see a marked improvement in developer productivity when using a framework.

React Native enables greater productivity and best practices to save the developers' time and effort. The software development life cycle becomes faster and more efficient. React Native has a fast development pace, with new releases coming out every two weeks.

React Native is an open source Javascript framework used to build mobile applications easily. It is based on Facebook’s open source JavaScript library – React. And yes, iOS and Android applications built using this framework are written mostly in Javascript. But once compiled, it becomes a native app and thus has superior performance. It performs better than a similar web app or hybrid app. Instead of wasting time by recompiling code to see the output, you may reload the app with a feature called Hot Reloading. This feature keeps the app running and injects new versions of the files you edit. React native supports the following platforms – Android TV, macOS, Ubuntu, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Apple TV, and of course, iOS and Android. You may also combine React Native code with components of your app written in native code. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram’s mobile apps are written using React Native mixed with some native code.

The main advantage of React Native is that developers can write mobile apps with the high performance and look of a native app, while using Javascript and React. Strong developer tools and meaningful error messages enable a more efficient development process. Also, you do not need to compile your application as it is just Javascript; you can just refresh your application just like a web page. All that time spent in waiting for your app to compile is now saved! Intelligent debugging tools, error reporting and the freedom to go for the code editor of your choice contribute to a superior developer experience. Another advantage is that a developer who knows to write React code can now target the Web, iOS and Android with the same skill set.

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