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Server Administration and Management

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Server Administration and Management

A Server is a powerful computer that provides services to clients. Clients can be mobile phones, tablets, computers or even any Internet connected device. Servers usually run an operating system (OS) specially designed for them. This can be Windows or Linux based. For example, Windows server 2016, CentOS 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, etc.

Clients run a wide variety of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android or iOS. Servers can provide a wide range of services – Web, Database, Mail, DNS, DHCP, File server, Active Directory, Antivirus server, Proxy, VPN, etc. Services are background applications or daemons that run on a server OS.

Take the case of a web server. When you browse the Internet, the web browser on your computer sends a request to a server to fetch the right webpage. The server processes the request and sends a web page back to your browser. Thus, the client requests a service from a server, the service authenticates the client, processes the information, logs events (if necessary) and sends a reply to the client.

Physical servers used to be the norm. Less than 10% of available resources were used – The rest lay unutilized. This led to enormous resource wastage, high power consumption and space wastage. Then came the hypervisors – special operating systems used to create and run virtual machines. Thus, you can have one physical server with many virtual servers running on it. This led to better resource utilization and less wastage. Then came the private cloud where many physical servers with hypervisors installed are grouped to form a large resource pool upon which virtual machines may be created. Public cloud (infrastructure as a service) and ‘serverless’ technologies (platform as a service) are the latest developments in IT infrastructure space. Even they require physical servers at the bare metal level.

The people who manage servers, clients and networks come under the banner of IT Support. They are there for you when something goes wrong in your IT infrastructure. IT Support is mostly outsourced to companies that specialize in it. It is the job of IT support personnel to monitor and maintain the systems and networks of the company. Outsourcing enables a company to manage their servers and networks 24/7 at an affordable rate.

Cloud seems to be taking the IT industry by storm – nowadays system administrators need to learn to manage cloud infrastructure too! Whether companies move to the public cloud or not, IT support will always have servers and networks to manage. Server administration is inevitable in any case.

At Brahmaa Infotek, we understand how potential server issues can impact your customers, users and employees. Our server administration and management services ensure contingency plan, with escalation procedures to recover and restore operations as quickly as possible.

Our Key Server Administration and Maintenance Features

  • Performing Security Checks and Updates.
  • Applying necessary service and software updates.
  • Redundancy Checks.
  • Applying Security Policies.
  • Installation of security updates as released by OS vendor.
  • Configuration changes as desired by customer.
  • Restoring files from backup.
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam configuration.

With a proactive approach to reducing downtime and flexible coverage, our IT company in Cochin provides server maintenance support and repair services to ensure that your servers continue to operate at peak performance so that business is always up and running.