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Website Analysis & Research

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Website Analysis & Research

Before every successful digital marketing campaign, it is very important to understand how well your website is optimized to provide productive results. At Brahmaa Infotek, our SEO professionals analyse and determine every aspect of your website that plays a key role for successful optimization of your website.

Our Website analysis and research process includes identifying

  • Website Performance: Involves identifying website loading time and key areas where the load speed times can be reduced for fast loading of website.
  • User-friendliness: Involves determining the user friendliness of the website by identifying the page layouts, menu structure and easy access of key information regarding the product or service etc.
  • Website Content: We will have a thorough analysis of the website contents and identify its relevancy, keyword density, proper usage of heading tags and content duplication.
  • Broken Links & Sitemap: Using multiple 3rd party tools we will determine for broken links in the website.

We will also search for XML sitemap that helps for easy indexing of the web pages.

A comprehensive analysis and research of your website will better help us to derive an effective strategy to optimize your website and digital marketing campaigns to improve your website performance in search results to achieve your business goals.