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New Job Trends in IT Sector

Quick paced hiring and abrupt firing are nothing new in the IT sector these days. But over the last few years, the quantum leap in technology has led to more employees and even trainees getting fired. Plain professionals do not make the cut anymore.

Employees must be ready to switch to the new technologies or they may lose their jobs. Even when we consider freshers, there is a huge gap in knowledge between college curriculum and a company’s expectations. Companies need to fill the knowledge gap by enrolling employees in online courses intended to educate them on the latest trends and technologies in the IT space. Here are some jobs that are the most in-demand for 2018:

1. Business Intelligence Analyst – professionals who analyze and derive insights from raw data.

2. Data Scientist – Uses Machine Learning algorithms to find patterns in raw data.

3. Cyber Security Engineer – Ethical hackers employed by an organization to keep the black hat hackers out of their systems. They test the defenses of computer systems by trying to hack into them from the inside and outside of a company. (This is called Penetration testing)

4. Artificial Intelligence Developer – Software can be trained to recognize objects and act on them. For example, the AI camera in your phone can recognize your face and apply relevant effects to it to enhance your photo. Google image search can be used to recognize similar photos. Facebook Messenger applies several effects to your face during a video call!

5. Internet of Things (IoT) Engineer – Solutions Architects and Engineers are required for this very new field. This technology allows common objects like your fridge, TV, home lighting, vehicles and music system to communicate with each other over the Internet.

6. Cloud Solutions Architect – Cloud refers to a number of online services offered by companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google at the Infrastructure, Platform and Application level. Solution Architects (SA) use cloud technologies to plan and deploy cloud infrastructure according to the company’s requirements. SA’s can also automate deployments by writing scripts.

7. Digital Marketing – Solutions Architect and Developers are required to market products and services over several digital channels.

8. Full stack developers – Developers that build and maintain solutions for e-commerce and blockchain projects.
Out of these job roles, Data Scientists and Data Analysts seem to be the most wanted this year!

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