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Android Development

Android, The Mobile OS put forward by Google is continuing its 9th year of successful installation since 2009. As per recent statistics, over 1 million android devices are being installed every other day. One important reason that has bought Android to this top notch is that it is Open source. Anyone, anywhere can access its source code to create modifications and updates that makes it an evergreen technology.

The factor that make technology alive & well performing is the extent to which it adapts to the changes. Technology with capabilities to withstand this demand is the one that emerges successful. Android being open and customized according to user requirements stands first among mobile and other computing devices of the world.

Another added benefit of Android OS is its wide range of device compatibility. Apart from smart phones and tablets android OS finds application in netbook, smartbook, smart TV, smart watches, headphones, portable media players, video games, etc. At Brahmaa, when developing mobile applications for android devices we take your business to a better and dynamic platform where it would get better visibility. Our development team takes iterative rounds of updates that would create a much more flexible and user friendly mobile application. Our design of mobile applications involves a series of iterative steps that include client requirement analysis, its conceptualization, design process, evaluation of the detailed modelling, implementation of design in codes, several testing phases and finally the launch. At Brahmaa we ensure that the post-delivery/launch services for the application gets a dedicated team to work on its shortcomings (if any).